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St Anthony Catholic School transitioned out of the Notre Dame Ace Academies consortium and into the West Deanery Unified Catholic Schools (WDUCS) consortium, both archdiocesan agencies, to better addresses the academic preparedness of students, most of whom will go on to Cardinal Ritter High School in the WDUCS consortium. The mission, clientele, and need at St Anthony remain the same.  

Official partnership between the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and Notre Dame ACE Academies began. Central Catholic, Holy Angels, Holy Cross, St. Anthony, and St. Philip Neri became Notre Dame ACE Academies in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Archbishop Joseph Tobin invited Notre Dame ACE Academies to partner with the MTCA in “providing Catholic education of the highest quality to as many children as possible in under-served communities.”

Renewal of charters was analyzed. Padua transitioned back to Catholic school; Andrew remained a charter under new charter school operator.

MTCA restructured; Resources reallocated to maximize student growth

The state of Indiana launched the Indiana Choice Scholarship program for financially-eligible     families. Students received Choice Scholarships in the MTCA. Also, tax credit scholarships were available.

2010/2011 school year
Mother Theodore Catholic Academies continued with the oversight of the 4 Catholic Schools.  At the same time MTCA was contracted by the ADI Schools, Inc. to oversee the operations of Andrew Academy (previously St. Andrew/St. Rita) and Padua Academy (previously St. Anthony).  These two schools are mayor sponsored public charter schools.

April 2010
Final approval of the charter application was received to transform St. Andrew/St. Rita to Andrew Academy and St. Anthony to Padua Academy.

January 2009
Research on a charter school concept began.

December 2009
Charter School application to the Marion County Charter School was submitted for consideration for St. Andrew/St. Rita and St. Anthony.

2007/2008 school year
All Saints School location was too large for the community and therefore was moved back to the grounds located at St. Anthony and renamed St. Anthony School. The Catholic Urban School Consortium officially was named Mother Theodore Catholic Academies.

2006/2007 school year
This year saw the beginning of the Board limited jurisdiction. 
The six schools included All Saints, Holy Cross, St. Philip Neri, Central Catholic, St. Andrew/St. Rita, and Holy Angels.

2005/2006 school year
The Catholic Urban School Consortium began full implementation, oversight, and support to the six (6) schools.

May 27, 2006
The Board of Trustees of Catholic Urban School Consortium held their first meeting with Tony Watt as chairperson.

2004/2005 school year
A transition year from six autonomous schools under the direction of each parish was transitioned to a Consortium model with the accountability and the oversight of the schools being moved to the Catholic Urban School Consortium office.

2003/2004 school year
A feasibility study was prepared to look at ways the six Catholic urban schools of Indianapolis could share financial resources, personnel, and be positively supported by a central office.